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Portable & Mini Greenhouses

Any greenhouse that is designed for quick and easy assembly and knock-down and re-assembly is a portable greenhouse. It just depends on what you consider quick and easy.

Some greenhouse manufacturers assure you that you can set up your greenhouse in less than 20 to 30 minutes. And some greenhouses are so lightweight and small it's simply a matter of pulling up the anchors, picking it up by the frame and moving it to the new location with a friend or two.

Grow Station

Price: $359.00 $359.00

6x8 ft GrowIT® Backyard Greenhouse

Price: $229.00 $199.00
You SAVE $30.00

Greenhouse Series 6' x 8'

Price: $339.00 $299.00
You SAVE $40.00

Greenhouse Series 10' x 10'

Price: $399.00 $369.00
You SAVE $30.00

Plant Inn

Price: $524.70 $477.00
You SAVE $47.70

Greenhouse Series 10' x 20'

Price: $679.00 $599.00
You SAVE $80.00